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Where do I start?

How do I use this site?

What is a 'threatened species'?

  • A 'threatened species' is a species which is officially listed under legislation as being at risk of extinction. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information and for a full list of threatened species in Tasmania.

What are my legal obligations in relation to threatened species?

    • We are required to manage and conserve our threatened species by law.
    • In Tasmania, threatened species are protected under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995. Species in Tasmania may also be listed as threatened under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Other Acts and regulations also protect certain plant and animal species.
    • See Planning Ahead for additional information on threatened species legislation, regulators and permits.

I'm planning to do something that might impact on a threatened species - how do I get things right?

  • Which threatened species are found in and around your area? Find out with an Area Search.
  • Does your area provide suitable habitat for any of these species? Could your plans affect any of them? How can you avoid an impact? Read the Planning Ahead page and check the online profiles for the species.
  • The Activity Advice pages may also provide useful information on particular activities which can impact on threatened species.

I'm interested in a particular threatened species

  • If you have a threatened species in mind, and you know all or part of its common or scientific name, you can do a Species Search.
  • Check the species' Listing Statement or Note Sheet, which provide detailed biological and management information, and the Species Management Profile, which provide detailed advice on habitat, surveying, and how to avoid impacts, as well as things you can do to help protect and conserve the species.
  • If there's no information on your species or you need further advice, contact the Threatened Species Section.

I'd like to help threatened species

  • If you wish to do something for the threatened species in your area, you can do an Area Search to see which species occur in your area, and read the Listing Statements and Species Management Profiles for advice on how to help manage and conserve the species.
  • If you are engaged in a particular activity, read the relevant Activity Advice for background information on how you may be able to assist threatened species.

Other questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions page, or Contact Us.​​​