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Importing eagle nest location data

New eagle nest sites may be found throughout the year, so the best approach is to upload the data from the Natural Values Atlas regularly.

  • ​Go to the Natural Values Atlas ( and register to set up a log in.
  • Choose 'Observation Search', put 'eagle' in the species box, 'nest' in Observation type and select the area of interest on the map.
  • At the bottom, at 'Search Format', choose 'Report/Export' if you wish import the data to a spreadsheet.

Do make sure to choose eagle nests, if that's all that's required, rather than all raptors, which will also generate nest information on masked owls, brown falcons etc.​

Note that there will often be many multiples of observations at each nest. Many of the nests shown will not be currently in use and may in fact, not have been used for many years, however raptors have a habit of returning to old apparently disused nest sites so it is always possible they will be used at some stage in the future. Some of these sites may no-longer have a nest present at all. 

If you experience any difficulties, see the NVA home page for advice and staff contact details.​

Note that the most sensitive period for breeding eagles typically extends from July to February each year, and nests should not be approached during this period. More information on how to check for eagles' nests without disturbing them, to report new nests, to manage ​eagle nests and to avoid impacting on breeding can be found on the Threatened Species Link wedge-tailed eagle profile​. In particularly, note that disturbance (visible, or extreme audible) to a nesting eagle can result in the death of eggs or chicks, through exposure to cold, heat or predation while adults are absent - including:

    • people or loud machinery too near the nest during the breeding season ('too near' can be many hundreds of metres if in direct line of sight of the nest);
    • residential development near nesting habitat; and
    • investigating nests during the breeding season.