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Miena Jewel Beetle


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The Miena Jewel Beetle (Castiarina insculpta) is a beautiful bright metallic blue-green colour with bright yellow patches on the grooved wing coverings ending in sharp inwardly pointing spines. The Miena Jewel Beetle is endemic to Tasmania and occurs in the Great Lake/Lake Augusta area of the Central Plateau. The species has been recorded in open subalpine woodland and heath above 900 m elevation where it feeds on Ozothamnus hookeri. There is insufficient information available to estimate the total population size of the Miena Jewel Beetle, but good populations have been recorded at three localities. Threats to the species include loss of habitat through conversion, grazing or fire, illegal collection, and climate change. Management objectives include better documenting the distribution of the species and increasing public awareness of the species.

A complete species management profile is not currently available for this species. Check for further information on this page and any relevant Activity Advice.​

Key Points

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Helping the species


Cutting or clearing trees or vegetation










Changing water flow / quality


Use of chemicals




Further information

​Check also for listing statement or notesheet pdf above (below the species image).

​​Cite as: Threatened Species Section (). (): Species Management Profile for Tasmania's Threatened Species Link. ​ ​Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. Accessed on .

Contact details: Threatened Species Section, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania​, GPO Box 44, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 7001. Phone (1300 368 550).

Permit: A permit is required under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 to 'take' (which includes kill, injure, catch, damage, destroy and collect), keep, trade in or process any specimen or products of a listed species. Additional permits may also be required under other Acts or regulations to take, disturb or interfere with any form of wildlife or its products, (e.g. dens, nests, bones). This may also depend on the tenure of the land and other agreements relating to its management. ​​​​​